Details of the provider. §6 law of teleservice (TDG) and §6, mediaservice treaty (MDStV)

Peter Pippinger
Lindauer Straße 19
D-86199 Augsburg

Telefon: 0049 821 5431683
Telefax: 0049 821 5431684
E-Mail: peter [at] pippinger [punkt] de

Responsible for editorial articles/offers § 6(2) MDStV and v.i.S.d.P.

Peter Pippinger
Lindauer Straße 19
D-86199 Augsburg


the data content of this homepage is liable to the copyright Peter Pippinger, Augsburg according to the German copyright (UrhG). except from the copyright are: data content, programms and part of programms, pictures and other articles of other authors. They are specially marked and are liable to the copyright of the author. any other use, alienation, publication - even translation - need the allowance of the author in written form.


the links that are in scope of the offer of this page and lead to the offer of a third person show the offer of the third person and not ours. These links are marked as such or marked differently. We do not have any influence on the offers on linked pages and do not appropriate them through a link. We want to dissociate in particular of any availble offer or article on a linked page. The liability can only be justified if we do know about a breach and if we can technically and reasonably hinder its use (§§8-11 TDG, § 5 part 2, MDStV). We have already verified the contents of linked pages to all sorts of breaches to a reasonable amount. Any infringement of copyright, personal right or violation of competition regulations on the linked page of a third person were not apparently and are not known to us just as little as breaches.


We do not safeguard for the up-to-dateness, correctitude, completeness or quality of the offered information. Liability claims against us that obtain detritements of material or ideational kind that were caused by the use or disuse of the offered information resp. by the use of fawlty or fragmentary information are basically excluded, if no demonstrable intentional or grossly negligent guiltiness exists. All offers are without engagement and without obligation. We reserve the right to change, complete or delete parts of this page or the whole offer without any seperate announcement in advance or to cease the publication for some time or for good. Our pages can furthermore be a link on another page without our knowledge. We do not take any responsibility for the content on a linked page of a third person.


If a page contains the possibility to enter personal data or data relating to business (E-mail adress, names, adresses), the abandonment of the data occurs on a voluntary basis by the user. The claim and payment of all offered services are - as far as technically possible and reasonable - even without the allegation of such data resp. is also permitted with an allegation of anonymous data or a pseudonym.

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